Ozone Treatment Bristol

We provide a professional ozone disinfection service in Bristol, which effectively removes harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, and various types of allergens out of the air and surfaces. Additionally, the ozone-disinfected interior is sterile and free from unpleasant and irritating odours.


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Ozone Cleaning Services in Bristol

Our certified ozone treatment is safe for health and is environmentally friendly. Ozone easily penetrates hard to reach places, and it is much more effective in comparison to traditional methods. O3 kills 99.99% of the viruses & bacteria and refreshes the air. Ozone is 150% stronger than chlorine and reacts over 3,000 times faster, leaving no harmful byproducts. After disinfection, the room and its equipment are clean and free of harmful germs.

Ozone Cleaning for any space

Ozone treatment is an ent way to disinfect both private and commercial spaces. Ozone can disinfect residential premises, homes, flats, apartments, medical facilities, offices, vehicles and any other places!

Tried and tested

Our services are tried and tested in various business conditions. Our procedures are adjusted for any specific business environment from small offices to large buildings.


Cost-effective pricing for ozone cleaning services to fit even very tight budgets. We do not charge any extras and all our fees are provided before we start the service.

Ozone cleaning for businesses & homes

Using ozone to clean might seem like a strange idea if you’re used to using soap and water to scrub your possessions. However, research and science show that ozone can be the most effective way to get rid of unwanted smells and allergens and leave the air in your home, office or place of work cleaner than before.

To ensure a safe working environment and the highest quality of services, we will provide you with a CERTIFICATE OF DISINFECTION BY OZONE.

For more information about ozone services, price list and availability please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 299 3224 or fill out our contact form.

To read more about ozone follow the link to Wikipedia -> Ozone.

Antiviral Sanitisation Cleaning Bristol

Cleaning offices with ozone

Cleaning buildings with ozone

Cleaning restaurants with ozone

Cleaning air conditioners with ozone

Cleaning open space with ozone

Cleaning hotel rooms with ozone

Removing smoke odour with ozone

Cleaning refrigerators and cold rooms

Cleaning public transport vehicles

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